Sunday, November 9, 2008

Feeling sorry for yourself? I'm not, anymore!

This is a really short post, but you have GOT to watch this video, if you are feeling sorry for yourself at all...

Here what you can do, if you TRY:

Saturday, November 1, 2008

November 4th - SPEAK OUT!

This election is one that brings many questions, concerns, party lines, opportunities for both good and bad - no matter WHICH person or party or issue you vote for. I'm not promoting either party or candidate; I simply want Americans of all flavors to exercise their right to vote!

If you don't make your opinion known - by VOTING - you may as well not have an opinion. Nor a voice. Check out this video, with some famous folks saying the same thing: "Don't Vote" campaign

America is not perfect - NO country is. But we can each try to make it better, by speaking out when we have the opportunity. By putting our opinions on the line on November 4th.

I love America. I love it for what it has been, what it could be, for the opportunities it gives us. There are horrible events and periods in the past, which we, today, cannot change. Just accept and go on, looking to the future.

Because we have the CHOICE, we have the RESPONSIBILITY. It is everyone's responsibility to make their voice heard. And you DON'T need to shout - just vote.

So PUT UP or SHUT UP! :)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

What is BDSM? And WHY?

BDSM is the abbreviation for "Bondage, Discipline and Sado-Masochism". THAT phrase (the full name) usually sets off a knee-jerk reaction for people in the main-stream of society (American and otherwise).

Most people think of SM (sado-masochism) only from the "dom's" (dominant's perspective - the sadist. They think of the masochist as being a VICTIM, rather than a willing participant. At best, (they think) someone whose self-esteem is so low they'll do anything to get attention. At worst, (they think) someone who is literally being forced, raped and tortured against their will.

How far from the truth this is!

I've been to several BDSM/fetish group meetings (NOT orgies!..these are MEETINGS for people of all backgrounds with similar interests), as well as individual couple "interviews" with prospective "subs" (submissives). I've found a tremendous emphasis on the SSC credo: "Safe, Sane and Consensual" and careful verification of the prospective submissive's motivation and emotional state.

The people I know and those I've spoken to have a "safe word", which STOPS any activity INSTANTLY, until the submissive/masochist is ready to go on or decides to stop completely. The "safe word" is pointed out, so that all understand to STOP.

There's all kinds of various fetish activity: "pony play", "age play", bondage/discipline (which is not necessarily the same as S/M or sado-masochism) and many others.

That's enough for right now! It's getting LATE (early???)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Still being built! /gets hammer and nails

Hello, and welcome! How does it go...? "Pardon our dust"? Yup, this blog is in the throes of birth, yadayadayada... LOL

My apologies and I'll have another post tomorrow, with some more stuff... You know - links, etc. There are all sorts of fun places on the Internet... I love being pointed to those, so I'll pass on what I can.

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